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Welcome to the Shelby County Sheriff's Office web site.

John R. Lenhart, Shelby County Sheriff Sheriff John Lenhart

Shelby County Sheriff's Office

To build a professional law enforcement agency based on a strong foundation of the following principals:

Leadership in bringing all law enforcement together, to work as a team, with the shared goal of keeping the residents of Shelby County safe, regardless of where they live within the county.

Cooperation: To work with other county agencies, the court systems, municipal and village governments, school districts, community organizations, business and industry, and the news media.

Continuous Improvement: To foster innovation, positive change, and continually advancing the level of service through the best training, evaluation, and input from the residents of Shelby County, by listening to all of their concerns and taking them into consideration.

Competence: To insure the optimal quality of life by providing effective and efficient services. We are focusing on aggressive pro-active patrol and tenacious investigation of crime.

Values: To maintain a department based on the core values of integrity, fairness, compassion, courtesy and professionalism.

Service: This vision will be accomplished by dedication to public service and commitment to continuous improvement.

Mission Statement:
"To provide quality public safety services to our community by promoting a safe environment through law enforcement and citizen interaction with an emphasis on integrity, fairness, compassion, courtesy and professionalism."

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Telephone-based mass notifications systems are used by thousands of public safety agencies across the US to warn citizens about local emergencies, hazards and Emergency Management Notificationother threats.  Shelby County Emergency Officials are pleased to announce that they have selected Hyper-Reach as a new provider to help bring this same life-saving capability to our county residents and workers.

For those who sign up, the new emergency alert system can provide rapid notification of hazardous and urgent situations using a mix of telephone calls, text and email messages, and TTY/TDD service for the hearing impaired. 

The County plans to use the service primarily for public safety, alerts about weather and environmental hazards, criminal activity, and missing persons. 

The emergency mass notification system is funded through the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency which is supported by all Shelby County jurisdictions in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 5502.26.

To register for the Shelby County emergency notification system, please click here.

The Ohio Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association has announced the launch of Project Shaq Shield, a campaign to proactively protect children who use the Internet.

Project Shaq Shield is encouraging parents to take ownership of their children's Internet activities. The best defense against Internet predators is parental involvement. With nearly all children now using the Internet and cell phones, the probability of them encountering an unsolicited sexual advance has greatly increased.

The Shaq Shield app is a free iPhone app featuring basketball superstar, Shaquille O’Neal. This iPhone app, called the Shaq Shield, the first of its kind, can be accessed at

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The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.